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Remodeling the bathroom is exciting, especially for homeowners who have long dreamt of renovating their toilet and bath. For him to conceive their dream bathroom, he has to partner with the right expert plumbing professional who can turn his ideas into reality.

While any residential plumber could carry out the plumbing requirements of a bathroom renovation, not every plumbing professional could do an excellent job in terms of customer experience. A homeowner will of course have to work closely with the plumber, and if he is not customer-oriented then trouble might arise.


Ask for a recommendation

The best way to hire the best plumber for a bathroom renovation is by asking for a recommendation from a trusted friend or family member. First, try to remember whose bathroom looks and seems best. If that person is someone approachable then ask for the contact details of his plumbing contractor. 

It is always best to see a sample work of the plumbing contractor up close so if the person giving the recommendation is a close friend or relative then ask if it is possible to see the work up close.

Check out third-party aggregators and corresponding reviews

Objective feedback and reviews on a plumbing contractor help well in assessing whether the plumber is capable of doing a good job. It also clues in a potential customer of the type of customer service the plumber provides. 

Check out reputable websites like Angie’s List, Home Advisor, and for feedback on the plumbing contractors on one’s list. Also, take a look at the official social media page of the contractor to see whether there are complaints or negative reviews on the work he carried out.

Interview the plumbing contractor

One of the best ways to get the feel of the expertise of a licensed plumber is by inquiring about his services and asking something specific about the renovation work the homeowner plans to hire him for. The potential client can also ask for references from the plumbing contractor, and pictures of his past work. Moreover, he can also ask about how he plans to execute the bathroom renovation in the property.

The homeowner should also ask about legitimacy proof including license and business permits. Ask as well if the contractor has existing insurance and bonds, and if their company provides a guarantee for the services that they render. Lastly, ask for a cost estimate and projected timeline, and starting schedule. Compare the answers of at least three contractors and then decide from there.

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